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January 8, 2012

Not Knowing - DNA in Education - APG @ Raven Row

Invitation from artist Barbara Steveni to participate within an international group Sculpture (a term used by the Artists Placement Group in 1971) to denote a discursive/panel/discussion/seminar/conference-like intervention into an exhibition programme as part of the current APG exhibition at Raven Row, London.

The Sculpture, entitled Education: not knowing was at Raven Row Gallery 13th November 2012. Five themed seminar/panels ran simultaneously. The intention is not to dwell on the history of APG, but to explore how some of their mutant DNA is being reinstalled in the present. Each seminar/panel is inspired by the theme and the working practices of APG; Pay Someone to Take Online Class, Placement, Education, Galleries, Contract and Not Knowing.


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