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September 30, 2006


Multi projection screen video and surround sound installation with table top dioramas and multiple sculptural elements for the Lab Gallery Space, San Francisco, USA. Commissioned for The Gateway Project, an international collaboration between artists and scientists.



Photos from the gallery exhibition, DNA.CORN at the Lab, San Francisco

Butterfly Chromosomes
DNA.CORN is a furnace of infinite randomness based on the sounds of popcorn, video projections, ultra-violet dioramas and mock chromosomes in the shape of black butterflies. DNA.CORN utilises the sound and image of popcorn as an anthropological and biological microsystem. A darkly lit ambient space with table top dioramas is used to produce an emotionally arresting scene. Several large video projections and a thousand black silhouetted butterflies inhabit the space accompanied by loud, violently stochastic sounds of popping corn. Sound design in collaboration with digital composer, Carl Stone.

View the DNA.CORN Gallery

The project was produced as a result of a ten week artist's residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin County and extended the work, The Imagination of Matter presented at NOISE in Cambridge.

The work was made in collaboration with the Lab and was supported by The British Council and NEA. The Gateway Project was curated by Laura Brun.

Presentation and Publications

Subtle Technologies Conference, University of Toronto, Canada.

Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science and Technology by Stephen Wilson

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