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June 14, 2008

Sensual Technologies

Artist presenter at the interdisciplinary conference Sensual Technologies at the ICA, London. The event was a one-day international symposium from The Brunel School of Arts, Sensual Technologies. It explored alternate and aesthetic uses of technology that extend artistic practice beyond the expected, into realms of unusual and heightened experience.

The conference was led by Stelarc, Johannes Birringer and Susan Broadhurst, and featured presentations from theorists and practitioners of performance, dance, music and dissertation for sale. The contributors to this event were leading practitioners and theorists offering diverse perspectives to the debate. They included Roy Ascott, Roger Malina, Jill Scott, Gary Hall, Rachel Armstrong, Paul Brown, Louis-Philippe Demers, Marta De Menezes, Kira O’Reilly, Kathleen Rogers, Paul Sermon, Theodore Spyropoulos, Atau Tanaka and Andrea Zapp.
Brunel's School of Arts on-line Journal: Body, Space & Technology

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